Janice Hart


17 Springfield Avenue
About Me

My name is Janice Pisko Hart and I am so lucky to work with such terrific students, staff, and parents. I love teaching at GW Smith. I have been fortunate to teach in Red Deer Public for several years, teaching Grades 1, 2, and 3. I have Bachelor of Arts from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax and a Bachelor of Education through the Red Deer College and University of Alberta Middle Years Collaborative program.

I live on a quarter section east of Delburne. Though I rent out the pasture land, I do have a few cattle of my own; plus, a horse, a donkey, some chickens, dogs, cats and a field full of ground squirrels. It is a bit of a funny farm and my students hear lots of stories about the antics of my critters. 

My son, Zak is employed as a driving instructor and my son, Ben is an apprentice welder in Lethbridge. They bring me tremendous joy and I feel fortunate to call these amazing young men, my sons. They both scuba dive and ride motorcycles contributing to many of my grey hairs!

I love to read, garden, cook, eat, and paint (pictures not walls). I cross country and downhill ski. I am in the process of learning how to snow board which really means I spend a great deal of time flailing around in the snow and not too much time boarding! I enjoy cross word puzzles, cryptograms and Sudoku. And, I do quite a bit of carpentry and construction projects on the farm.  Over the summer break, I took a welding sculpture class and I had a great time learning to use a welder, acetylene torch, and plasma cutter. 

I love to learn and for me, teaching is a huge and constant learning curve! I hope that my passion for learning inspires my students to do their best, to take good care of one another, to work hard, and to keep trying no matter how great the challenge. 

It is going to be a terrific year!